Hand Sanitiser secures yourworkplaces for COVID and protects...

Virus Free Workplace for Property Maintenance Repair Operative of Housing Associations

The health & safetyof your staff

Keeping bacteria and germs low on your operatives hands, can mean that they are less likely to fall foul of stomach or viral upsets if not introduced internally, or to the face. Your operatives’ hands are integral to the maintenance of property, the progress on your site. Look after them, they will look after you.

Safety of your tenants in their homes

Tenants & makes them feel confident in your team

A strong visual cue, that can instill confidence in residents that a operative entering their property is as safe as they can be, in regard to their own personal hygiene and safety, ensuring properties can be repaired and maintained.

Reduce time off due to sickness with Hand Sanitiser Gel

Reduction in time-offdue to sickness

Reducing the potential for sickness in your workforce through the introduction of harmful bacteria, fungi or virus can lead to reduced workforce capacity and less time on-site for your operatives or construction staff. Keep the workforce strong.

The smart option to ensure clean handson-site, in residents homes.

Surface Cleaner for Housing Associations

Housing Associations

We’re approved sellers to many of the UK’s largest housing associations and understand this sector, your challenges and the primary need of keeping your properties maintained, affordable and compliant.

Surface Cleaner for Local Authorities Tenants Homes

Local Authorities

We work with local authorities the length and breadth of the UK and help them keep their operatives and tenants safe.

Surface Cleaner for Construction Industry


With the current challenges arising from Coronavirus, keeping surfaces on-site clean with many different trades on-site, you need to ensure these surfaces remain disinfected before and after. We help.

An effective, 70% alcoholformulation to kill germs

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend using hand sanitisers with at least 56.7% alcohol. PURA+ Hand Sanitiser Gel is based on 70% inclusion of alcohol.

This product can be used to refill smaller containers, or with the pump dispenser as required.

Help workplaces and your staff be COVID secure.

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